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We are delighted to be working with the Kvarner Health Tourism Cluster to deliver a successful event in the beautiful town of Opatija, on the Adriatic coast. The Opatija Riviera, with its unique charm and stunning natural surroundings, has been enticing visitors from all over the world for more than a century.



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Croatia_AllKvarner Region at a glance. Health tourism started here in the early 19th century when European visitors chose Kvarner resorts for mainly thalassotherapy treatments involving seawater and clean sea air. Famous doctors opened clinics and today, modern health tourism welcomes visitors with rheumatic, orthopaedic, respiratory and dental needs where professional excellence and state-of-the-art technology combine. Interestingly, many treatments still feature our natural world of therapeutic herbs and medicinal plants. As an EU member country, Croatia complies with EU legislation relating to healthcare and standards.

Kvarner is a very special place. It enjoys a superb reputation for two of life’s most important things: food and health. Fresh local produce, excellent fish and the famous Kvarner Bay scampi feature in local cuisine and the region boasts some of Croatia’s best restaurants. Zlahtina white wine and “sea champagne” are produced on the island of Krk while local herb and fruit brandies are widely made.

The Opatija and Crikvenica-Novi Vinodolski Rivieras are stylish, our islands of Krk, Cres, Rab, Losinj, and smaller ones in the archipelago are all beautiful yet different. In 2020 the city of Rijeka will be a European City of culture and our green interior of Gorski Kotar including Risnjak National Park and the Ucka Nature Park provide superb hiking and cycling trails. High quality diving centres are numerous for underwater exploration and this is a sailing haven too.

Easily reached via five international airports: our own Rijeka airport on Krk island is the closest with seasonal flights from UK, Belgium, Germany, Sweden, Norway and others, followed by Pula and Zagreb airports, both under two hours’ transfer. In neighbouring Slovenia and Italy, flights to Ljubljana and Trieste require a road transfer of under two hours. Driving to Kvarner means under six hours from Munich and Vienna and under three from Venice.


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FairMedOnline_Caremondo_LogoHeadquartered in Singapore, FairMedOnline (FMO) is a digital healthcare company striving to make world-class medical advice and services easily accessible to consumers globally. FMO provides second medical opinions from a network of prestigious German doctors whilst their Caremondo medical travel platform provides a curated network of over 160 leading treatment facilities and hospitals across 22 countries. Supporting the entire process of medical travel from appointment planning to the selection of extra services (incl. international airfare, hotel accommodation, interpreters, translations and visas), FMO makes medical travel simple and secure.

FairMedOnline offers transparent and neutral information and advice with a commitment to treating patients’ medical documents with utmost care in accordance with German data security laws. Outstanding customer service, a passion for healthcare and leveraging technology to improve the overall well-being and happiness of their customers lies at the heart of everything they do.

As a Global medical tour operator and provider of neutral second opinions, there is no better industry event at which to meet with industry peers, vendors and potential business partners. The IMTJ Medical Travel Summit provides an excellent opportunity for us to raise our profile and to initiate important business discussions with senior decision makers.
Philipp Graf von Hardenberg, President & CEO, FairmedOnline Pte

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As a certified medical facilitator, awarded in 2015 « Best Medical Travel agency of the year » by
IMTJ, France SURGERY have a great experience in all processes related to patient’s medical journey. However, as in all business sectors, in order to send or receive International patients overseas, there has to be specific tools put in place, which makes medical travel far more secure, effective and productive.

It is the lack of adapted tools that led us to create and now provide a totally secure connected health platform, which allows the process to be fully automated, enhancing easier connection to patients, therefore optimizing their global experience.

ePatient Kit™ is an integrated connected health system which helps in the facilitation, diagnostics, planning and organization of medical journeys. International patients can also use it to simply get a 2nd medical opinion.

  • Secured telemedicine tool
  • Compliant with HIPAA, EURO and PIPEDA standards
  • State-of-the-art PRM
  • Collaborative Platform
  • Automated processes
  • Used in recovery and post-operative care organization
  • Continuation of care: patients stay in touch with their doctor after they return home
  • Reporting: strategic decision-making tool.

We can help you accelerate the development of your International Patients Department! France SURGERY, let us reassure your journey!

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AXA logoGlobal Healthcare from AXA

AXA‘s global health reinsurance partner team specialise in developing cross-border health insurance solutions for businesses and customers with a global outlook.

With health and protection partners in more than 40 countries on five continents, we’ve developed a wide range of stand-alone and bundled innovative solutions to help our partners grow their business.

We deliver integrated solutions that combine reinsurance, claims management, medical networks and services to your customers and distributors. We operate under your own brand and provide continuous protection and care to your customers worldwide, 24/7.

With decades of experience delivering healthcare solutions in both mature and emerging markets, AXA is one of the world’s largest health insurers.  Voted by Interbrand as the world’s number one insurance brand for the 8th consecutive year, AXA supports more than 103 million customers and has an extensive global footprint with businesses in 64 countries.

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Logo_Poliklinika Bagatin_bez tekstaLocated at two prime locations in Zagreb, Poliklinika Bagatin (Bagatin Clinic) is one of Croatia´s leading multispecialty clinics, with over 21 years of experience providing more than 12.000 patients with high quality and aesthetic services. The clinic has a reputation for excellence in the fields of plastic surgery, dentistry, and dermatology. Due to high standards and extensive experience of their medical staff, they became a referral center in Croatia and the region for physicians seeking training and certification in the use of new products, equipment and techniques.

The clinic is recognized as the leading plastic surgery, dentistry and dermatology clinic in Croatia, and according to Deloitte, one of the fastest growing SMBs in the medical sector in the region. On average, their online satisfaction questionnaires state that 98% + of their patients would come back or recommend them to a friend or a family member.

The patient always comes first! That is the clinic’s vision and approach through everyday challenges. State-of-the-art technology, latest methods of non-invasive treatments and surgical procedures, coupled with highly trained specialists result in the Bagatin clinic being the 5-star services provider that follows international standards.

Today the clinic counts over 70 employees, both client-facing and back office ones, and is further expanding.

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SunWayEstablished in November 1999, Sunway Medical Centre is the first hospital in Southeast Asia to receive accreditation from Australian Council on Healthcare standards (ACHS). With 23 centres of excellence, SunMed serves close to half a million patients annually and international patients from more than 130 countries. SunMed has been at the forefront in adopting the latest technology to strive towards clinical excellence. SunMed is the first hospital in Malaysia to install TrueBeam STx Radiotherapy System and also the first private hospital in Malaysia to install IORT (Intra operative radiotherapy). It has also adopted the latest Da Vinci robotic-assisted surgical system, the next frontier for minimally invasive surgery. SunMed is also strategically located in the thriving township of Sunway City, a stone’s throw away from Sunway Lagoon, Sunway Hotel, Sunway shopping mall, providing holistic caring experience for the patients. SunMed clinched the Best Corporate HealthCare Provider Award by Human Resources Vendor of the year in 2015 and also the International Hospital of the Year Award by the International Medical Travel Journal (IMTJ) as well as 2016 Growth Excellence Leadership Award in Hospital Services by Frost and Sullivan Malaysia. SunMed leads in clinical breakthrough by being the First hospital in Malaysia to perform the first Deep Brain Stimulation for Parkinson’s Disease (2003), First Cochlear Implant (First Private Hospital in Malaysia) (2004) and First Sacroiliac Joint Fusion Surgery (First in Asia) (2013).

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PGZ logo-vodoravno_boja“The Green and the Blue” – this is what we like to call our County in the Primorje and Gorski Kotar, for there are but a few places in this world that give you the chance to capture in a single glance a landscape embraced by the sea and protected by the tame mountains.
At the point where the Northern Adriatic meets the mountains of the North-West Croatia, millennia have left traces of Mediterranean and Central European cultures bearing witness of monumental historical changes.
With almost 300,000 inhabitants in its 546 settlements, and 1000 kilometres of coastline, Primorje-Gorski Kotar County is classified as one of the most developed Croatian counties, and, we would dare add, the most beautiful.
Maybe the best way of describing this region is to call it diverse. Be it natural, cultural, historical, ethnical or even gastronomical – diversity is what truly defines who we are. As many as 520 cultural monuments ranging from palaces and castles to ethnographic and historic monuments located in the County, all form part of the Register of Immovable Cultural Goods of the Republic of Croatia.
This is the region where Croatian literacy was born and Croatian legislation conceived. Our flagship destination Opatija, the cradle of Croatian tourism, still today leads the way thanks to the ever more attractive tourist offer enriched by spa centres and modern hotels, enabling our County to keep up the pace with the world’s leading tourist destinations.
These are merely some of the treasures we are proudly committed to preserve. Take one step in the Green and Blue county and you will find that our rich tradition, warm, hardworking and generous people always embrace new friends. Welcome!

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Opatija- Queen of the Adriatic
City of Opatija logoOpatija is the cradle of European and Croatian tourism, a favourite destination of the aristocracy, film and music stars, artists, writers and visitors from all over the world, who come here every year to enjoy the charm of this Adriatic town.
This is a tradition that provides certain obligations, but is also a guarantee of quality. The reputation of a top destination that stretches back seventeen decades is today reflected in the wide range of facilities and services on offer that all together make Opatija an attractive destination for all seasons.

Opatija owes its unique image to its ideal location on the spot where the wooded slopes of Mount Učka descend all the way down to the coast, providing perfect shade along the ten-kilometre-long Lungomare seafront promenade. Just as the Opatija area is a meeting point of the sea and the mountain, its visual impression is a blend of different styles, as this is a melting pot where magnificent Central European elegance, playful Mediterranean charm and the historically-rich medieval architecture of the small towns in the hinterland come together.

In addition to the architecture that leaves a strong impression on every visitor, especially when the town is viewed from the sea, and its lush parks and gardens that have been Opatija’s trademarks since its beginnings as a tourist resort, Opatija also has hotels and restaurants whose quality ranks alongside that of any other European destination. Opatija’s gastronomic offer is based on a Mediterranean cuisine rich in fresh fish and seafood and locally grown seasonal ingredients, while the traditional recipes of this region reveal a wealth of flavours and can be sampled in the area’s numerous taverns.

Opatija entered the European stage in the mid-19th century as a health resort for the European nobility, and health tourism has remained one of the main segments of the town’s tourism offer right up to the present day. However, top medical experts and a wide range of spa & wellness services are just one of the reasons for visiting this town located at the top of Kvarner Bay. Also known as “the town of festivals”, Opatija boasts a number of events throughout the year. The theatrical performances and concerts that take place at the magnificent Open Air Theatre are particularly impressive.

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Rijeka – the port of diversity
Grad Rijeka 2Rijeka is the biggest Croatian port, the third largest Croatian city, a university and an administrative centre of the County of Primorje and Gorski Kotar. With its near surroundings Rijeka has almost 200,000 inhabitants. The history of Rijeka has always been known for its unity with water. The city got its name from the river flowing along the city – Rječina; the town’s main waterway, dividing the city in two parts. Rijeka refers to many things, but first of all it refers to people who managed to create this city as a pleasant place to live in. The main pedestrian street is Korzo, situated in the very heart of Rijeka. Next to Korzo you can see the symbol of the City – the City Clock Tower being the entrance to the ancient fortified town. The history of Rijeka reaches back into Roman times, witnessed by the Old Gateway or Roman Arch, a representative main entrance to the centre The main cathedral of Rijeka, St. Vitus Cathedral, is located in the Old Town, designed by the Jesuits and named after the city patron saint. The Jesuits also established the University of Rijeka in 1627.

As Rijeka used to be a strong industrial centre, the city is rich with industrial heritage, likewise the torpedo launch station, part of the Torpedo Factory in which was invented, designed and produced the first torpedo in the world back in 1860.
It is not only the industrial heritage that Rijeka is known for. In recent years, the city became oriented to service and tourism industry, continuing its pioneer status in the areas of medicine as well. Rijeka surgeon, Antonio Grosich was the first to have introduced iodine solution in the preparation for surgeries back in the year 1907. Less than two years after Röntgen’s discovery, x-rays were introduced in hospital treatment in Rijeka.

Rijeka is also a member of the European Healthy Cities network, thus enabling direct communication with the World Health Organization and promotion of innovation and change in health policy on a local level.
The genuine respect and acceptance of diversities was always a natural feature of the people who have lived in Rijeka, and that has created a cosmopolitan, a European spirit that brought to Rijeka the title of the 2020 European Capital of Culture. This prestigious title fosters Rijeka additionally in its development, it has brought to this city a new visibility on the European map as well as a better social cohesion and a new wealth of diversities. The City offers a rich gastronomic, cultural and entertainment programme. The International Rijeka Carnival is well known in Europe and the World. Rijeka, the Middle European port of diversity filled with the scent of the Mediterranean, awaits you.

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TEMOS logoQuality certification in medical tourism & tourism medicine
Temos is a neutral and independent certification body founded in 2010 as a spin-off of a European research project. Today, Temos is located with its Headquarters in Germany and currently 16 regional offices in several countries worldwide.
Temos stands for * Trust * Effective Medicine * Optimized Services * with the aim to support medical facilities like hospitals, clinics, dental practices, rehabilitation centers, eye clinics, and reproductive care centers as well as medical travel coordinators worldwide in their efforts to continuously work on quality improvement.

In our quality programs we focus on the demands and requirements of patients who wish to get medical treatment overseas (medical tourism) or need to get medical treatment abroad as business travellers, tourists or expatriates (tourism medicine).
Medical facilities who are awarded the Temos Certificate have implemented an own, national or international recognized Quality Management System (QMS) and fulfil in addition the strict Temos quality criteria for international patient management. Thus, the Temos quality programs are complementary to the international accreditation systems.

In the frame of our quality programs we validate and certify the quality of the medical and clinical services and include pre-treatment and post-discharge processes that take place in the patient’s home country whereas the treatment takes place abroad. The aim of our work is to accomplish a maximal possible transparency, safety, satisfaction and therewith to provide a trustful basis for patients, nursing staff, doctors, and further involved parties like insurances for an optimized treatment abroad.
The Temos certification programs are peer-reviewed, annually updated and approved by the Medical Advisory Board and the International Expert Committee.

Having participated since the first IMTJ Summit I am sure that no other organization (than Intuition Communication) is able to organize such a professional event and to bring THE medical travel professionals together in one event. The perfect marketplace for business and exchange with decision makers.
Dr. Claudia Mika, Founder & CEO, Temos International GmbH