Medical tourism: Evaluation for future improvement

This two-day academic conference aims to bring together scholars from academic and research institutions from around the globe in order to critically examine and discuss existing and emerging national, sub-national, transnational and cross-sectoral strategies within the medical travel sector.

Following a successful Academic Conference held during the IMTJ Summit in Madrid in 2016, we are pleased to confirm that there will be a second Academic Conference to be held during the IMTJ Summit in Athens in 2018. The Conference will run on May 23rd and 24th, and will provide an opportunity to discuss research and trends in medical travel and cross border healthcare.

The Academic Advisory Board consists of:

  • Jin Ki Nam – Chairman, Professor at the Department of Health Administration , Yonsei University, Korea
  • Melanie Smith, Associate Professor and Researcher, Budapest Metropolitan University, Hungary
  • Professor John Connell, Professor of Human Geography at the University of Sydney, Australia
  • Andy Garman, Professor, Rush University, USA
  • Tricia Johnson, Director & Associate Professor, Rush University, USA

Submission for Academic papers is now closed. If you would like to attend the Academic conference, please book your delegate pass.


The Academic Conference (23-24 May 2018) will overlap with the IMTJ Medical Travel Summit (21-24 May 2018), which brings together governmental and industry representatives from around the world who are involved in the development of medical tourism. This will provide a unique opportunity for conference participants to attend parts of the IMTJ Medical Travel Summit and actively foster and engage in much-needed cross-sectoral knowledge exchange and dialogue

Focus of the Academic Conference

With the development of the medical tourism market, many countries invest with the hope of positive returns. As returns on these investments are elusive, scholars started raising questions about the effectiveness of pro medical tourism policies and strategies. Much research has been completed to examine the macro issues like trends and mechanisms for patient mobility, however, we still do not have enough empirical evidence on the effects of medical tourism on the source countries as well as the destination countries to robustly inform organizational and governmental policies. Even though there have been some studies to deal with micro issues, such as the patient experience and quality management, there is room for greater understanding at this level as well.

This two-day conference aims to bring together scholars from academic and research institutions from around the world to critically examine and discuss macro and micro-level issues of medical tourism, with a particular focus on:

  • Evaluating government policy and strategy to develop medical tourism.
  • Examining the impact of geo-political events and risks on medical tourism
  • Evaluating clinical performance and patient experience in medical tourism market
  • Identifying factors to improve the effectiveness of policy and strategy
  • Identifying factors to improve service quality and safety for medical tourists.

Additionally, papers focused on multi-scalar and cross-sectoral governance of medical tourism and transnational patient mobility initiatives, partnerships and networks as well as those examining how medical tourism and transnational patient mobility fit within broader development objectives (e.g., transition towards the creative economy, biotech development, regional and city place-branding) are especially welcome.

The goals of this program extend beyond presentations. The conference conveners hope to encourage the cultivation of relationships that can pursue international comparisons on these and other topics of importance to the medical tourism sector. To this end, a portion of the meeting time will be focused on professional networking around key topics.

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