Hear from the brightest and the best in medical travel

The IMTJ Medical Travel Summit 2018 is attracting some of the brightest talents in medical travel. They’ll share their knowledge, insight and experience of building a sustainable international patient business.

Dimitra Chalal

Social Media Manager, Intensive Quality Dermatological Clinics, Greece

Dimitra Chalal is a Social Media Manager, currently working for IQ – Intensive Quality Dermatological Clinics. Her day to day responsibilities include “macro” social media decisions, such as the design of a social media strategy (that is in line with the brand’s identity, the company’s audience, and goals).

More specifically, she is in charge of the social media strategic plans and actions, in order to build the followers’ base and develop channels that strengthen engagement. She also defines and controls social media KPIs, conversions and ROI objectives. She has great experience in the digital marketing sector, as she has been working for more than five years for some of the biggest companies (such as publishing houses and fashion industries) in highly creative environments.

With thorough research in Empathy & Social Media Marketing, she focuses on the ways that a company can actively engage with a targeted customer base and build strong relationships with its clients.

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