Hear from the brightest and the best in medical travel

The IMTJ Medical Travel Summit 2018 is attracting some of the brightest talents in medical travel. They’ll share their knowledge, insight and experience of building a sustainable international patient business.

Gero Graf

Co-founder & COO, Qunomedical, Germany

Gero is Co-Founder and COO of Qunomedical which serves as a digital hub for high quality, affordable treatments at home and abroad. Quno’s service is available to patients globally with an initial focus on patients from English-speaking countries. Qunomedical has established partnerships with high-end hospitals and clinics in now 29 countries and is continuously growing its partnership base.

Before Qunomedical, Gero established Drivy’s peer-to-peer car rental service in the German market. He launched Germany as first international market for Drivy France, set up the first international office in Berlin and established the service in all major cities.

Before his time with Drivy, Gero was 6 years with Google in the UK, working as Analyst and Business Developer for the European Markets. His main industries have been Mobile Services, Retail and Mobility Services. He crafted partnerships with UK and German Start Ups like SoundCloud and Wunderlist as well as established companies like the Allianz, METRO Group, the Otto Group or the BBC. He rolled two products out for Google Shopping and Google+ across 5 countries in Europe.

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