TEDx speaker, Dr. Tobias Gantner, Founder and CEO of The HealthCare Futurists, ponders the future of global healthcare

“Innovation is great as long as everything remains the same for me.”

This is what I hear all the time. The bigger the company the more often I hear this.

Why are we so reluctant to change, yet we cherish innovation nonetheless? Why do we fall in love with technical gadgetry, and then again, we are so afraid of losing our jobs to machines?

Technology is one of the driving forces behind the changes that we see happening nowadays.

Many people never considered that these technological advancements would have a strong effect upon society.

But we’ve come to realize how wrong they were.

Having accepted the vanishing retailers on our high streets as consumers switch to online shopping, we now see that dating has moved online and so has tax declaration.

The big question now is what this change might look like in healthcare, an industry often considered resistant to any changes.

How will digitalization impact the way we perceive, practice and pay for healthcare?

What will new business models look like?

Who will be the winners and the losers in the struggle for information supremacy of the highly regulated markets that are hardly driven by the same economic forces taught to us in textbooks?

If you want to have a look at future developments in healthcare, medicine and life-sciences, and want to understand where things are subject to change, you should attend this presentation.

Dr. Tobias Gartner

Join Dr Gartner at the Summit in April for his presentation “We are not too late for the future, but we could be too slow. The future of global healthcare”