We are delighted to be working with the Kvarner Health Tourism Cluster to deliver a successful event in the beautiful town of Opatija, on the Adriatic coast. The Opatija Riviera, with its unique charm and stunning natural surroundings, has been enticing visitors from all over the world for more than a century.

Kvarner is a region with the longest tourist tradition in Croatia, a region of extraordinary diversity and a unique combination of the littoral, the islands and the mountains. Also, Kvarner is the place where the first organized tourism started more than 170 years ago, on the Opatija Riviera, through health tourism.

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At the time when Opatija was emerging as a tourist resort, it was primarily a winter spa for the elite. In 1889, by the Emperor” decree, Opatija officially became a health resort. The transition from 19th to the 20th century was marked by modern solutions of issues concerning water supply, the sewage system, traffic with a simultaneous establishment of doctor’s offices, sanatoriums and bathing places. Dozens of physician travelled to Opatija from Austria, Germany, Hungary, Romania,  Italy, generally practicing during the most interesting season that, according to the views of that time, lasted from early autumn to late spring, while summer itself was incomparably less attractive for the holidays. The climatic health resorts in Opatija, Crikvenica, Veli Lošinj, Mali Lošinj, on the Island of Rab and in Skrad and Delnice, towns situated in Gorski kotar, were built already at the end of the 19th and the beginning of the 20th century.


Today, this tradition is continued with a wide range of health and wellness services offered by high-class wellness centres in many of Opatija’s hotels, and also in the Thalassotherapia, a specialised clinic for treating, recovering from and preventing heart and circulatory diseases (including the modern Thalasso Wellness Centre), as well as in a series of specialised dental, aesthetic surgery and orthopaedic clinics.


Whether you wish to receive treatment for the disease you are suffering from or, better yet, prevent a disease, the Kvarner destinations offer excellent climatic possibilities as well as a highly professional medical service and various recreational programs. The region’s health institutions and wellness centers combine the best of the professional health service and the science of beauty, thus ensuring a wide range of programs beneficial to both, the body and the soul. Just by being on the islands, in the coastal area or in the mountains, by walking along the sea or through the forest, you are already doing a lot for your health. Kvarner offers a true outdoor aromatherapy experience!

Besides the combination of an excellent geographical position and a mild Mediterranean climate, this is a privileged area where various influences intertwined for centuries, and today it is a modern, attractive tourist destination.


In Kvarner there is a significant number of protected natural areas in Kvarner like the National Park Risnjak, Nature Park Učka; six park-forests, 11 special reserves, one strict reserve and three significant landscapes. Besides that, we should also mention the protected natural objects – eight monuments of nature and four park architecture monuments.

Many civilizations have inhabited this region throughout history, thus creating a priceless cultural and historical treasure which is spread and unfolds before you across the entire Kvarner region. There you can see prehistoric, ancient and medieval monuments and cultural habits of the Romans, the Greeks, the Slavic, Germanic and Hungarian peoples.

Kvarner is a region with the greatest concentration of first-rate restaurants at a small distance from each other, which have for years been the top of the Croatian gourmet scene.

Come to our region and rest your body and soul!

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