Hear from the brightest and the best in medical travel

The IMTJ Medical Travel Summit 2018 is attracting some of the brightest talents in medical travel. They’ll share their knowledge, insight and experience of building a sustainable international patient business.

Natalia Strokovska

Editor-in-Chief, DoctorGEO, Ukraine

Natalia Strokovska boasts 20 years of experience in medical journalism, and 6 years of experience in Health Tourism. She is owner DoctorGEO Medical Assistance Company since 2012, and the founder of huge web portal in Russian about clinics, resorts, spa and wellness abroad.

The DoctorGEO&SPA Journal on treatment abroad was started in 2013. Today it is present in 4 countries: Russia, Ukraine, Kazakhstan, Azerbaijan. Also DoctorGEO company includes the marketing and promotion department in medical tourism for foreign companies who want to express themselves in Russian. We work with 30 countries in Europe and Asia.

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