In 2015, The IMTJ Medical Travel Summit in London was attended by delegates from over 130 organisations in over 40 countries. In 2016 in Madrid, 350 participants from over 45 countries attended.

We promised you… GREAT speakers, GREAT content, GREAT company, GREAT timing. And from the feedback that we’ve received, we believe we delivered.

  • “The IMTJ Summit is the best event on medical travel around the world – top speakers, good content, good networking, good business. You can learn a lot.”
    Iñigo Valcaneras, Spaincares
  • “The IMTJ Summit brings together the people who can address the tough issues that need resolution and action to move the sector forward from a niche market to the mainstream of international healthcare.”
    Elizabeth Ziemba, Medical Tourism Training Inc
  • “In a volatile and very competitive medical tourism market , both the industry and the patients need trustworthy guidelines, reputable reference points and strong leadership. The IMTJ Summit can provide the impetus to make these happen.”
    László Puczkó, The Tourism Observatory for Health, Wellness and Spa
  • “We have such good people at the IMTJ Summit which always presents some new thoughts and angles on things that are happening in the industry that you can not get anywhere else”
    Ilan Geva, Ilan Geva & Friends
  • “Many thanks for the high-quality Summit and the excellent organization! It was a pleasure to be part of it. Looking forward to next year!”
    Veronika Leitermann, Caremondo
  • “It was an absolutely valuable experience and a great pleasure meeting most of you! Back to Greece now, ready to work hard. Take care!”
    Katerina Exakoustidou, Vitabroad
  • “Thank you Keith and IMTJ team for putting up a great show. Lots of learning from the leaders. See you soon”
    George Davis, Aster DM Healthcare
  • “Congratulations everyone for this fantastic two days. Excellent organisation. See you next year!!”
    Javier Martin, Wild Palms – Tenerife Health Hotel
  • “Fantastic conference! Thank you to the organisation te, great J!”
    Andreas Lüderitz, Bonn Medical Partners
  • “Thank you to Sherene Azli, Glenn Cohen and Amancio Plaza for their excellent presentations.”
    Elizabeth Ziemba, Medical Tourism Training
  • “Excellent panel on VIP legal issues. Amancio Perez, Glenn Cohen, Sherene Azli and Elizabeth Ziemba.”
    Irving Stackpole, Stackpole and Associates
  • “Well done Meghan for insights to the healthcare informatics of Malaysia. Definitely food for thought!”
    Yazmin Azman, Malaysia Healthcare Travel Council
  • “I enjoyed my IMTJ experience and wish everyone success in attracting patients to make the pie bigger to quickly reach the tipping point.”
    Clifton Orme, International Hospital Management Corporation
  • “Fantastic conference. Kudos IMTJ for bringing together such a diverse range of subject matter experts. Looking forward to rest of the day!”
    Yazmin Azman, Malaysia Healthcare Travel Council 
  • “Great slide on western values v Arabic culture from Mouhanad Hammami”
    Elizabeth Boultbee, Boultbee & Co.
  • “It was a great pleasure meeting you again . This year is the biggest in scale by any standards and kudos to all your excellent efforts. We shall love to work together with IMTJ for any future collaboration”
    How Kim Chuan, Imperial Dental Specialist Centre
  • “Thank you so much for all your hard work to make this event a successful one! We really appreciate your help and effective communication to make this possible for us. Once again, thank you and looking forward to hearing from you for next year!”
    Veneesa Sinsua, Beverley Wilshire Medical Centre
  • “It was a pleasure meeting you and the rest of the team in Spain. Thank you for everything”
    Shobena Singam, Malaysia Healthcare Travel Council
  • “Thank you again for the experience and for the amazing organization of this event from your side, well done!”
    Maha Aboughali, Moorfields Eye Hospital Dubai
  • “It was a great event and a great honour for us! Congratulations for the great organisation of the event!”
    Aida Sarkissian, Cosmetic Derma Medicine Medical Group
  • “It has been a great pleasure and we would like to congratulate you and the organization for a great event and outcome. For sure we will somehow collaborate with 2017 event”
    Jose Maria Perez de Olacoechea, QuironSalud
  • It was a very well organized and professionally managed meeting that even topped last year´s event in London. Please do send the announcement for 2017 – we will be happy to come back.”
    Christine Buchberger, Diaverum
  • “That was the best medical travel conference I’ve attended, finally someone is paving the way to raise the bar in this industry! The organisation, timing, food, speakers – it was all superb!”
    Senior Executive, UK
  • “This was my first IMTJ event and it was delightful. So much different than the MTA. Valid.”
    Healthcare Author, USA
  • “The comments from delegates as they left were extremely positive and complimentary, many of them from battle hardened, frequent, conference-goers”
    Senior Director, UK
  • “I congratulate you on your excellent choice of topics and speakers as well as your perfect running of the event. I came back with enriched knowledge on the different aspects of medical tourism today.”
    Vice President, Medical Tourism Council
  • “Thanks for a great event – it was really informative and an excellent networking opportunity.”
    International Director, UK
  • “You already reached the top level in your first event. Excellent!”
    CEO, Germany
  • “Exceptional by way of the topical content and unique for having built in the patient perspective”
    Medical travel facilitator, UK
  • “We feel very privileged to have been a part of the IMTJ Medical Travel Summit.We learned an enormous amount from all speakers. Many thanks for your leadership and an excellent professional event.”
    CEO, China
  • “Provide a good wide-ranging base of knowledge about current hot-topics. Carry on like this and it will continue to provide the necessary value.”
    Senior Director Business Development, UK
  • “Thank you Keith and Sarah and all the team of IMTJ – your professionalism, and efforts to progress and improve this industry just prove year after year that no organisation is better connected and informed than IMTJ”
    CEO, Patient Facilitator, Australia
  • “As a relative newcomer to the Medical Tourism Market, the IMTJ provided us with a superb opportunity to learn more about the business and meet with our peers. Superb organisation, most interesting speakers/subjects and excellent time keeping!”
    CEO, Publisher, Russia
  • “Thank YOU and your team for such a tremendous opportunity! Wonderful conference with amazingly talented presenters. I would love to see this conference become THE annual international conference/summit on this subject.”
    General Manager, Business Consultancy, Germany
  • “It was a great pleasure the conference last week. It was a most effective event with most informative sessions and superb opportunities for networking.
    Managing Director, Medical Tourism agency, Poland
  • “I would really like to thank you all who made the organisation that enjoyable and professional. It was one of the most effective event I have attended.
    Case Manager, Medical Tourism agency, Turkey
  • “Lots of interesting content and conversations. And flawless execution-congratulations on a well-run event.”
    Journalist & Author, USA