Speakers at the IMTJ Summit


Hear from the brightest and the best in medical travel

The IMTJ Medical Travel Summit 2016 is attracting some of the brightest talents in medical travel. They’ll share their knowledge, insight and experience of building a sustainable international patient business.

Iñigo Valcaneras

Chairman, Spaincares, Spain

Íñigo is Chairman of the Board of Spaincares, the brand which represents the Spanish Cluster of Health Tourism. Spaincares gathers the most representative tourist and health institutions in Spain and also several different regional health tourism initiatives. Spaincares enjoys also the support of the Spanish Ministry of Industry, Energy and Tourism, which participates in Spaincares through the State Tourism Department and the School of Industrial Organisation (EOI).

More than 100 Spanish companies among hospitals, medical spas, nursing homes, hotels and travel agencies are part of Spaincares. The Spanish Cluster of Health Tourism, Spaincares, aims to promote Spain as a health destination.

Íñigo is currently the International Director at Clínica Universidad de Navarra and of ACUNSA Insurance. His market expertise is focused in latinamerica, gulf and east countries. He has been previously CEO at Clínica Universidad de Navarra in Madrid (Spain).
He is member of the Board of Directors of the Spanish Federation of Private Hospitals (FNCP).

Íñigo has a degree in Science in Economics at University of Navarra, and a MBA at IESE Business School. From the Observatory of International Economic Governance (FEF), he has coordinated the international and strategy departments of the main IBEX companies (Telefónica, Santander, BBVA, Repsol, Abertis, Iberdrola, and Endesa) for the elaboration of studies regarding their internationalization process. He has been co-author of three different books.

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