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Hear from the brightest and the best in medical travel

The IMTJ Medical Travel Summit 2017 is attracting some of the brightest talents in medical travel. They’ll share their knowledge, insight and experience of building a sustainable international patient business.

Eva Kluge

Director of Sales and Business Development, Air Alliance Medflight, Germany

Eva Kluge copyEva Kluge is Director of Sales and Business Development at Air Alliance Medflight, an international air ambulance company with 14 aircraft, based in Germany with branches in Austria and the UK, specializing in the worldwide transport of critically ill patients.

Eva is an expert in aero-medical repatriation, medical supplier management and health insurance. She started her career 20 years ago with international medical assistance and healthcare services, working in various roles for Europ Assistance and the Munich Re/ERGO Group. Some of her responsibilities included Head of International Medical Network and Key Account Manager for global health insurers. Since 2013, she has been working in the air ambulance industry. She holds a degree in Healthcare and Social Management and speaks fluently five languages, among them Arabic.

Eva’s wealth of experience and her excellent background in both, procurement and supply, will provide valuable insights with regard to patient safety, quality and economic aspects of the supply chain.

Excerpt of Achievements:

  • 2011/12:  Evacuation and Case Management of Libyan War Wounded on behalf of Libya’s National Transitory Government.
  • 2013: “Air Ambulance Company of the Year”, ITIJ Industry Awards
  • 2015: Establishment of business development team for new Air Alliance UK base

Abstract: Added Value: aeromedical services for international patients

Globalization and changing travel patterns create new an increased demand for aeromedical services. Whilst most international patients will travel on a commercial plane or use ground transport, there is a growing demand for international patients to use aeromedical transport. The reasons may be medical, but also comfort and service. Safety, quality, promptness and economic aspects are essential.

As this is a relatively small sector, very few international hospitals and facilitators are set up for procuring aeromedical services. There are lots of “do’s” and “don’ts” to achieve the best solution for the patient.

A professional aeromedical transport will clearly add value to the service for international patients.

Eva’s wealth of experience and her excellent background on the payor’s and the supplier’s side, will provide valuable insights with regard all aspects of these highly sophisticated services.


  • Learn essentials about aeromedical transport
  • Understand the needs of various target groups
  • Add value to own service spectrum
  • Get to know straight about procurement of aeromedical services

Intended Audience:

hospitals, facilitators, health authorities, health insurance companies

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