dimitris-kavakas-1Often setting the right question is more important than answering it. Fertility Clinics around the world today are looking for ways of how to get more international patients. However, the real question is not how to find patients but to understand what exactly those patients need and where are those who are willing to get what you offer. The vital question that every fertility clinic has to answer is how to develop a patient focused approach based around the potential patient you are looking for.

Dimitris Kavakas, Executive Managing Director of Redia Ltd will share his insight and experience within the Fertility Travel Forum at the Summit in April. Read on for a preview of what you can expect from Dimitris during his presentation:

Do you have a strategic plan in place so you can find where are those patients who really need the treatment that you offer and are willing to travel to get to your clinic?

Once you have answered the question regarding who needs your fertility treatment, you have to consider how can you become attractive to those patients. Why should they choose your clinic instead of other competitors? How can you make it easy for them to choose you? Are you able to offer a comprehensive package to support them? Setting the right product for the right audience is very important, however, you also need to find the right channels to disseminate the information to your potential patients.

Last but not least, you might have to consider whether your internal organization can support the service to those international fertility patients. Reputation is difficult to be built and easy to be lost if you are not careful enough to take all the necessary steps in maintaining service quality.

All the above will be analysed and discussed during my session on ‘Strategic planning as a key to increase number of international patients’ in the Fertility Forum at the IMTJ Medical Travel Summit in April 2017 in Croatia.

Dimitris Kavakas