The IMTJ Summit in 2017… You said it, not us!

The IMTJ Medical Travel Summit and associated events took place over three days, on April 24th-27th, 2017 at the Milenij Hotel & Conference Centre in Opatija, Croatia

Delegates, speakers and sponsors from over 30 countries helped to make the third annual IMTJ Medical Travel Summit an outstanding success We promised you… GREAT speakers, GREAT content, GREAT company, GREAT timing (and GREAT weather!) And from the feedback that we’ve received, we believe we delivered.

You said it, not us…

“Who said medical travel conferences have to be boring? Speakers who present hard facts – not fluff, practical learnings instead of promotions, and a highly entertaining program makes this the first choice for any medical travel professional looking to move their business forward”

Daniel Coulton Shaw, Global Clinic Rating

“For me it was a pure and highly valuable infotainment combined with a chance of a real professional exchange in this field – I didn`t felt tired or distracted even for a minute!”

Anja Held, Asklepios Kliniken

“I’d like to thank you for the great Summit in Croatia. We were lucky to meet so many market experts in one place! The Summit was a good step ahead for us”

Evgeniy Chernyshev, Medical Tourism Agencies Association (Russia & CIS)

“I did enjoy the IMTJ Medical Travel Summit in Opatija and gained a considerable amount from attending – I shall certainly be putting this event in my calendar for next time!”

Graham Elderfield, Glenfield Consulting

“IMTJ Medical Travel Summit served as a platform for present and future knowledge sharing but also opened doors for international cooperation and business growth of each participant.”

Tea Hitner, Bagatin Clinic

“Throughout the two days I found the speakers uniformly very informative and/or very entertaining, and the latter gave me a clearer sense of just how difficult it can be to provide a more fact-based foundation for the medical travel industry. Having run conferences (domestically anyway), I also know how much effort goes into making these things work well for everyone, which I think you and your team did admirably. I was particularly inspired by the level of engagement you were able to generate from innovative activities such as the audience polling and debate –practices I anticipate attempting to adopt into some of my own work.”

Andrew N. Garman,  USCIPP

“I had the great chance to meet high-calibre professionals and gain valuable skills and knowledge thanks to the enlightening presentations and workshops.”

Aida Sarkissian, Cosmetic Derma Medicine Medical Group

“At previously attended conferences, it is rather easy to decide which session of the parallel sessions I am interested in attending; at IMTJ I wanted to hear all presentations!”

Christine La,  SUNY Buffalo State

“IMTJ Croatia Summit has left an indelible benchmark in my mind – excellent content, great speakers, wonderful organisation…”

V S Venkatesh, Dr Joy Dental Clinics

“It was enriching to be woven into the fabric of the Medical Tourism community, to be at the intersection of thought leadership and evolving business models was a tremendous learning experience for us, for which we are grateful.”

Tinu Mathur, VRX Studios

“The event was very well organised and highly professional and the speakers were carefully selected and presented hard-fought data.”

George Soras, Hygeia Group

“It was perfect since we all could focus on insightful presentations from inspiring people, make valuable business connections and even friends… what else could you hope for from a medical tourism conference?”

Alexander Zakucia, GCR International Accreditor

“Most of all, knowledge and experience sharing and great contacts from all over the world in one place! Great lecturers, exquisite debate!” Livia Androić, Dental Clinics Rident

“IMTJ summit in Opatija was a high-level summit and exhibition, an environment where you meet great people from industry, experienced speakers with to-the point presentations.”

Maria Fecikova, Global Clinic Rating

“On behalf of our Protocol and PR team at the County I wish to thank you very much for all of the efforts you have invested in making the Summit in Opatija what we firmly believe it was – a success. It was wonderful having you as our guests and partners in the organisation of the Summit. Thank you for the opportunity to participate in this exciting well run event.”

Ana Štefančić Modrić, Primorje-Gorski Kotar County

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