vivek-shuklaPeter Drucker remarked, ‘The purpose of a business is to create a customer.’ Simple as it may sound, it is a remarkable statement. It provides a perspective where creating a customer precedes creating profit, thus giving birth to a fundamental question- How to create a customer?

Head of Marketing for Aster DM Healthcare, Vivek Shukla provides a prelude to his presentation within the Marketing Mindset session at the IMTJ Summit.

Central to the idea of creating a customer is the idea of adding value to the customer. Without offering something of value, there would be no customer. So far, this sounds simple. Even if you translate this to the world of Medical ‘Value’ Travel, you will know that you offer value when you proclaim cheaper or faster or more advanced treatment. Additionally, enabling smooth travel and hospital admission in another country is also offering ‘value.’ To this point we can say that the industry has a fair understanding of what value can be added for people seeking treatment overseas.

Beyond this point, complexity begins to emerge. As soon you realise that you are not the only one offering that ‘value,’ you begin to wake up to the reality that patients have a choice. There are providers of service, similar to yours, who also seem to have decoded what value they can provide to the treatment seekers.

To add to this, you find out, ‘value’ is relative. Not every customer seeks the same value and not necessarily in the same order of preference. There are many sub groups within the customer population having different sets of goals to be met and each group has a different sequence of priorities. Someone prefers quality over price and someone wants proximity to home country and similar culture.

Allow me to add one last element of complexity. The priority set and even the sequence of priorities keeps changing for the customers over a period of time. For a value provider to the medical travelers, it is imperative that they figure out what goals they are helping their clients meet. In case of multiple goals, they need to know what goal is most important for what group of people.

My workshop at The IMTJ Medical Travel Summit 2017 in Croatia covers the intricacies of identifying, creating and delivering your Value Proposition as a player in the Medical Travel industry. You will realize that Value Proposition is beyond Positioning and USP. You will gain access to discovering your Value Proposition. You will also take home the complete package where consistent delivery will be possible every single time.

Can’t wait to see you all in Croatia!

Vivek Shukla

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